Fresh Foam 860V12 Running Shoes Blue with helium | Mens New Balance Road Running

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New Balance Fresh Foam 860v12 Running Shoes The 860v12 running shoe is built for durable support and comfort. A…

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New Balance Fresh Foam 860v12 Running Shoes
The 860v12 running shoe is built for durable support and comfort. A Fresh Foam midsole provides super soft cushioning while a dual-density medial post and strategic embroidery in the upper offer reliable support, mile after mile.
Engineered Mesh Upper
Constructed using an engineered mesh upper, the New Balance Fresh Foam 860v12 Running Shoes offer maximum breathability for ultimate comfort. Perforations in the fabric encourage cool air to circulate, removing uncomfortable heat build-up and allowing moisture vapour to escape for damp-free comfort and a healthy environment for feet to thrive in. The toes are protected from any bumps and knocks with thicker material covering them. As well as this, the shoe is sturdy in areas surrounding the heel, which will hold the foot in place, preventing it from slipping around in the shoe. Also, a no-sew material application means reduced weight plus minimal risk of rubbing and blisters; because everyone knows how those can ruin your day. An ultra heel design hugs your foot for a snug and supportive fit so you’ll always feel locked in and comfortable. Completing the upper is a lacing system that locks down the midfoot to reduce in-shoe slippage so you can enjoy distraction-free strides.
Fresh Foam and EnergyCell Midsole
A two-part midsole is utilised for a blend of comfort and energy return. New Balance’s innovative Fresh Foam offers premium cushioning underfoot, giving you a comfortable ride and ensuring you can run better, for longer. Attenuating shock impact, the Fresh Foam protects against stress to joints when striking down on hard, unforgiving surfaces without compromising a responsive, natural ride. Delivering plush underfoot cushioning, the Fresh Foam is a fusion of plush foam and advanced design, creating an ultra-cushioned and geometrically sound ride. Fresh Foam encourages a smooth heel-toe transition and reduces the use of superfluous muscle power; this diminishes fatigue, keeping you motivated for longer. A medial post also exists within the midsole to help control pronation. The post ensures stability and control which will allow you to gain the maximum from your footwear without any unwanted damage to the knees and joints which could lead to injury or long-term wear and tear. Below, the FuelCell midsole is added to amp up the shoe’s peppy sensation, utilising the force of each step to power you into the next one for an energetic feel that reduces fatigue and helps you get there faster and with more ease.
Blown Rubber Outsole
A blown rubber outsole completes the 860v12, supplying sticky grip for multi-directional traction. The rubber is able to withstand damage from uneven terrain to give you added confidence when out running. In addition to this, the rubber can create a solid bond of friction with a variety of different surfaces, crucial for control as you race around the roads. This will reduce the risk of injury from slipping or rolling your ankle, as you will be held in a firm and upright position. As well as this, multi-directional grooves also feature on the outsole to further increase traction, as they are strategically placed to assist with acceleration, braking and changes of direction. The outsole of the 860v12 provides you with a reliable and long-lasting race buddy.


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