Paradigm 6 Running Shoes Black | Mens Altra Road Running

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Altra Paradigm 6 Running Shoes The first Altra shoe inspired by and developed with an Altra athlete. Meet the Paradigm 6, a shoe that is…

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Altra Paradigm 6 Running Shoes
The first Altra shoe inspired by and developed with an Altra athlete. Meet the Paradigm 6, a shoe that is blurring the line between support shoe and everyday trainer.
Engineered Mesh Upper
Quick drying engineered mesh encases each foot in breathable comfort. The mesh allows air to fully permeate the entire upper, sucking in cool, fresh air while at the same time pushing out hot, muggy air. This system creates a microclimate within the shoes that allows you to feel comfortable throughout the run. Lightweight and breathable, the Paradigm 6 allows a more streamlined, comfortable run to reduce any unwanted bulk so you maintain focus. Furthermore, the knitted mesh features a much more closed knit providing structural integrity without the need for overlays that add weight to the shoes. In addition, as you start to tire and fatigue kicks in during the longer runs, the Guiderail really starts to earn its place. The Guiderail works to keep your foot in the most natural position possible, preventing the early stages of overpronation. The Footshape technology allows the toes to be relaxed and allows them to spread out naturally with the big toe remaining in a straight position for additional comfort, speed and stability. Lastly, a traditional lacing system adds familiarity and provides confidence to you, the wearer that you can rely on this system. The laces provide a nice snug and locked-in fit which in turn prevents any in-shoe slipping that can occur during high-intensity activities.
Altra Ego Midsole
The midsole unit uses Altra Ego which is a dual-nature midsole compound with a responsive, yet soft feel for increased energy return. the dual-layer EVA cushioning reduces the wear and tear placed on joints, lessening the potential risk of injury in susceptible areas. Secondly, the midsole features Altra’s zero drop platform. Every Altra shoe featuring the zero drop platform places the heel and forefoot the same distance from the ground for natural alignment and a low-impact landing.
FootPod Technology Outsole
The Paradigm 6 features an outsole technology that actually maps the bones and tendons of your foot to help it bend and move naturally. Furthermore, the outsole offers Stabilipod technology that acts as a stabilising tripod by enhancing the three natural stability zones in your foot to help prevent excessive foot collapse or pronation. Lastly, the outsole offers a durable rubber compound that enhances durability as well as traction, perfect for getting the best performances when road running.


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