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Compressport Pro Racing v4.0 Trail Socks High-tech trail running socks that protect, absorb shocks…

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Compressport Pro Racing v4.0 Trail Socks
High-tech trail running socks that protect, absorb shocks and support your feet during your toughest off-road challenges.
The Pro Racing Socks from Compressport deliver support in many different ways with new and improved features for the 4th generation of this sock. The socks provide Achilles protection thanks to the cushioning effect of the 3D dots at the rear of the sock, working to protect the Achilles tendon from friction and pressure. These 3D dots are also on the inner part of the malleolus to help with the prevention of shocks. The massaging acupressure within the sock is designed to activate blood circulation by multipoint massaging of the sole area, whilst archstim support is located in the arch of the foot which provides for venous return and recovery. A 360° slight compression band around the arch support prevent the socks from turning or sliding down during movement, for minimal distractions. Most importantly, it stimulates venous return delivering more tonicity to your stride.
Specially designed for right and left feet, the socks adhere to the anatomy of each foot and help to maintain your performance. The sock has been designed to include striped vented zones around the feet for total ventilation, allowing cool air to permeate and hot air to escape, helping to prevent an intolerable heat build-up. Combined with its fast-drying fibres, the sock drys very quickly so you avoid wet feet, and the 3D dots do not retain water and instead help to facilitate its discharge for dry feet at all times. Seamless and elastic-free, the sock does not create unnecessary irritation or pressure, so in the ergonomic toe box, the forefoot can lie comfortably and the toe box has been made wider than its previous version for improved proprioception. The fabric features reinforcements in key areas to protect the ankle, toes and nails from the rough demands of trail running and increase the overall durability of the sock.


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