Wave Sky 5 Running Shoes Green | Mens Mizuno Road Running

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Mizuno Wave Sky 5 Running Shoes The Mizuno Wave Sky 5 is a neutral all-round running shoe. By using a lot of cushioning and two Wave Plates, you experience ultimate…

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Mizuno Wave Sky 5 Running Shoes
The Mizuno Wave Sky 5 is a neutral all-round running shoe. By using a lot of cushioning and two Wave Plates, you experience ultimate comfort during your run. The renewed sole makes the shoe very suitable for runners who are looking for a floating feeling.
AeroHug Mesh Upper
Boasting Mizuno’s updated soft engineered AeroHug mesh, the Mizuno Wave Sky 5 offers a secure and comfortable fit. Soft, AeroHug mesh fabric hugs the foot to deliver a secure, locked-in fit with added stretch for a comfortable feel. This new upper improves breathability and fit. Allowing cool air to flow through the shoe, uncomfortable heat build-up is removed creating a regulated internal temperature that feet can thrive in. Highly advanced motion capture and biomechanics technology have been developed to provide a Dynamotion fit; this design blueprint ensures the shoe mimics the foot’s movement through the gait cycle providing the right amount of material stretch for a natural and free feeling. A heel counter secures the rearfoot in place to minimise in-shoe slippage during transitions to create a smooth ride. The traditional lace closure provides a secure and comfortable fit working with the adjusted plush collar and tongue for an ultra-comfortable feel on the foot. To guarantee a secure fit, it also includes fortified midfoot straps.
Mizuno Enerzy, XPOP and Mizuno Wave Foam Midsole
The Wave Sky 5 is suited to neutral runners who want a well-cushioned everyday shoe. This new version is updated with Mizuno’s latest technology Mizuno Enerzy along the full midsole to provide an extremely soft and bouncy feeling. Mizuno Enerzy has been developed with the mission to enhance performance capacity and guarantee that athletes retain more of the energy that they put in. All whilst providing an overall more comfortable feeling. This new technology is a product of the brand’s combined knowledge on rebound benefits from Mizuno’s cross-sports category expertise and its core Mizuno Wave footwear function, which provides a unique combination of cushioning and stability. Combined with XPOP, it amplifies its unique floating feeling. The XPOP compound combines cushioning, rebound, and durability at a superior level. The ultra-soft cushioning delivers a high energy return for an incredibly cushioned and responsive ride that will have you feeling like you’re floating on water. Mizuno Wave foam stays as a core element of the midsole construction to guarantee stability, control shock absorption and enhance cushioning. The Wave’s unique shape will absorb all energy from the strike of the foot on the pavements, where it is then dispersed. This will protect the feet from heavy impacts, as well as adding stability by spreading the energy. The Wave Sky 5 provides a new level of softness and energy return that comes from Mizuno’s pursuit of the most comfortable and smooth running experience for neutral runners who prefer a well-cushioned shoe that makes them feel like they’re floating when running.
X-10 Outsole
Strong grip and traction are guaranteed, as the Wave Sky 5 uses X-10 carbon rubber. This outsole developed by Mizuno will provide you with an extremely durable grip to keep you in control and allows longer wear in higher impact areas, this will provide you with outstanding grip over a long course of time. The heel strike will additionally have a solid grip with a wide range of surfaces.


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