Wave Skyrise 2 Running Shoes Blue | Mens Mizuno Road Running

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Mizuno Wave Skyrise 2 Running Shoes The Wave Skyrise 2 represents Mizuno’s commitment to delivering the most comfortable exper…

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Mizuno Wave Skyrise 2 Running Shoes
The Wave Skyrise 2 represents Mizuno’s commitment to delivering the most comfortable experience to runners who enjoy soft cushioning with efficient energy return from landing to toe-off. Designed to help make every run feel effortless.
Dynomotion Fit Upper
Constructed using Mizuno’s highly technical Dynomotion fit, the upper of the shoe will work with your feet and their movements, creating a personalised fit and feel. This will mean that as the feet begin to expand as they warm up, the upper of the shoe will stretch to accommodate them comfortably. As well as this, the upper will stretch to allow the feet to stretch without any restriction. As you begin to warm up, the material uses Mizuno’s AIRmesh, which will allow a steady flow of air in and out of them, which will provide you with exceptional breathability. This will mean that the hot air that is building up as a result of high-intensity activity can escape out, where it is then replaced by cooler air from the outside. This constant process keeps your feet feeling comfortable, giving you one less distraction to worry about. Moisture from sweat can also escape out of the shoe, before it is wicked away efficiently by the material, again for comfort. Synthetic overlays strengthen the shoe, providing protection to both itself and the feet by giving you firm support. The traditional lacing system is extremely easy to secure and tighten for a perfect fit. A soft and padded tongue and ankle collar will reduce the risk of irritation being caused by rubbing and chafing, as well as improving the comfort of the shoes.
XPOP PU Foam Midsole
To deliver an improved floating running experience, the Wave Skyrise2 features MIZUNO ENERZY through the full length of the midsole to deliver 17% softer cushioning and 15% higher energy return, compared to the previous model. Additionally, the Wave Skyrise 2 uses Mizuno’s innovative XPOP midsole compound which will provide a floating feeling as you run. The newly designed compound found within the midsole contains thousands ofS beads which immediately cushion on impact. This reduces the amount of stress placed upon the joints like the knees, ankles and bones in the feet, which will result is less fatigue. This makes the Wave Skyrise ideal for long-distance running, as the first mile will feel as comfortable as the last one no matter how far you go in between. The XPOP compound also guarantees smoother transitions for a fluid run, as well as being extremely responsive. The midsole also has Wave Foam technology within, which will further enhance rebound. The wave plate will give you an added spring as you run, resulting in the runner using less energy. Within the midsole, the Wave Skyrise has the Mizuno Intercool system. This will solve the problem of heat and humidity build-up by incorporating a full-length ventilation system in the sole of the shoe, that will remove heat and humidity through the channels. For assistance and protection to the feet during acceleration and deceleration, the shoe uses SmoothRide. This will mean that all transitions will feel extremely smooth, helping you to restore energy and prevent injuries from occurring.
X-10 Outsole
Strong grip and traction is guaranteed, as the Wave Skyrise uses X-10 carbon rubber. This outsole developed by Mizuno will provide you with an extremely durable grip to keep you in control and allows longer wear in higher impact areas, this will provide you with outstanding grip over a long course of time. The heel strike will additionally have a solid grip with a wide range of surfaces.


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